Board of Selectmen

Board Of Selectmen Meetings


Beginning in June of 2018 the Board of Selectmen's meetings will occur on the 1st and 3rd Monday evenings, 7pm, at the Town Hall, 13 Town Hall Rd. The Selectmen will also meet on Friday mornings at 8:30am, at the Town Hall, 13 Town Hall Rd. (except for certain holidays)


You can check the Town Calendar for scheduled dates and changes.


Minutes of Selectmen's meetings can be reviewed at the Town Hall.  Copies of the minutes may also be requested at Town Hall.


Anyone wishing to be scheduled on the agenda of a Selectmen’s Meeting must contact the Town Office at:

phone:  (603) 742-5131

fax:  (603) 742-2505
mail:  13 Town Hall Road, Madbury, NH  03823


Frederick Green March 2023
Bruce Hodsdon March 2022
Janet Wall, Chair March 2024
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Official Town Reports are at Town Hall.  You can download web versions below.

The 2019 Town Report (web version)
The 2018 Town Report (web version)

The 2017 Town Report (web version)
The 2016 Town Report (web version).
The 2015 Town Report (web version)
The 2014 Town Report (web version).
The 2013 Town Report (web version).
The Selectmen serve as the Assessors.
Joseph Moriarty is the appointed Road Agent.  Term expires 2020.
Bruce Hodsdon is the appointed Welfare Administrator.  Term expires 2022.
Limited assessing information can be obtained off-site by clicking here.

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