Recreation Commission
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Recreation Commission  
Susan J. Cilia March 2021
Justin Corrow, Chair March 2022
Janet Wall - ex officio  

Adopted the following regulations for the Demerritt Park Facilities at a Public Hearing in November 2001

Permission to use the sports fields must be obtained from the appropriate town officials.
No dogs are allowed in the Park.
No fires are permitted without the permission of the Madbury
Fire Department. Fires allowed in designated areas only.
No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the Park.
The use of golf clubs in the Park is prohibited.
Use of the Park is restricted to daylight hours.
Those using the Park in any manner are responsible for removing all trash or rubbish they may have generated.
The Town of Madbury will not be held liable for any injuries or accident that may result from the use of the Park
by any individual or group.
To Schedule or Not to Schedule that is the Question.
Guidelines about playing on any of the Demerritt Fields fields

Madbury residents are welcome to use the Demerritt Fields at anytime. However, prescheduled and "organized" (soccer
games with referees / ORYA games etc.) games have priority.
If you get there and there are no games in progress, please use the fields.
This is family use, small groups, Madbury residents - kick arounds, fun and such. If you are having a large gathering please
contact me and I will schedule a time for your use.
The police will ask people to leave if they are playing a large game (eg UNH students) that may damage the playing surface.
Unless of course you are on the schedule!
Have fun, respect the new field ordinances, take your trash home and respect the parking laws.

Madbury Recreation Commission.
Madbury Day

The use of Demerritt Field Athletic Facilities, for this day, is in the hands of the Madbury Day Committee. Madbury residents
are welcome to freely use the facilities all day. There are no scheduled soccer, baseball or softball games on this day.
Have fun, respect the new field ordinances, take your trash home and respect the parking laws.