MADBURY is situated on the southeastern section of
New Hampshire, comprising about 7,600 acres. It is
bounded on its northeast border by the City of Dover;
on the southern line by Durham and Lee, and on the
west by Barrington. The Barrington line is slightly less
than three miles long; and from the corners of this line,
the Madbury town lines converge to the southeast until
they reach tidewater -- a distance of about seven miles
to form a wedge shaped triangle, whose base is at
Barrington and apex is at a point adjacent to the spot
where the Bellamy River enters Little Bay. This location
has been variously known as Cedar Point, Tickle Point,
and Hill's Neck.
The Bellamy River is the only one of any size in
Madbury and, until the Bellamy dam was built,
Barbadoes Pond was the town's largest body of water. 
The Bellamy Reservoir provides 50-60% of the City of
Portsmouth's water supply.
Although it has always been in the center of an industrial
area, Madbury itself has always remained rural in
character. There was never a village or hamlet in the
town. For years lumbering and agriculture were its
mainstays. However, quite recently it changed to what
is primarily a residential town, and furnishes homes for
many whose income is derived from adjacent areas.
Madbury, New Hampshire
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Adapted from:  Madbury  Its People and Places  by Eloi A. Adams, 1968, for the bicentennial.
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