The Town Building Inspector is:

Justin Corrow
742-5131, ext 103
Building Inspector
Office Hours at Town Hall:

Monday evening from 6:00 to 7:00pm and
Thursday morning from 8:00 - 9:00am
and by appointment.   Closures are posted to the homepage and the Town Calendar.
Building Permit Process

The application for building permit is to be filled out in full by the owner or representative and filed with the
Building Inspector. To avoid delays please fill out the application as completely as possible and include the
following with the application:

One (1) set of plans of the proposed structure including at least two (2) elevations, floor plans for all levels and such
sections, details, and specifications as required to indicate conformance with all applicable codes.

One (1) set of the State’s approved Cert. for Private Septic System Construction (usually mailed directly to this
office by NHWS & PCC)

One (1) set of State approved engineers drawings of the septic system.

If the application is signed by other than the owner of record, it must be accompanied by a letter indicating that the
proposed work is to be performed with his/her approval.

All appropriate fees as determined by the Town must be paid in full before the Permit will be issued.

Please allow ten (10) working days for the application review process.
If you have questions regarding Building Permits or the application process, please call the Building Inspector at
Permit applications are available at Town Hall during regular business hours.
Building Inspections

After the building application has been approved a permit may be obtained at the Building Inspector’s office. The
Building Permit must be posted in a conspicuous place on the premises.

A minimum of three (3) call inspections are required for construction works:

   Foundation (Prior to backfill, with drains and sealer complete)

   Structural, electric and plumbing (Prior to insulation and wallboard)

   Final (For Certificate of Occupancy)

Note: Other inspections as may be required by the size or complexity of the project.

It is the responsibility of the owner or contractor to notify the Building Inspector at least two (2) working days in
advance of any required inspection. Please call the Town Offices (742-5131) to notify. The Building Inspector then
has three (3) working days to make the required inspection. If any work is covered (ie: soil, insulation, etc.) such
covering will be removed and replaced at the owner/contractor’s expense. If the required inspections are not
performed by the Building Inspector within the time period stated, the contractor may proceed as if the inspection
was performed.

The building may be occupied only after a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued by the Building Inspector.
Enforceable Codes


Zoning Ordinance
Building Regulation
2009 NFPA 1 Fire Code as amended by NH Saf-C 6000
2009 NFPA 101 Life Safety Code


Effective April 1, 2010, the NH State Building Code has been amended with the adoption of the following
International Building Code, 2009 edition, w/amendments
International Plumbing Code, 2009 edition, w/amendments
International Mechanical Code, 2009 edition, w/amendments
International Energy Conservation Code, 2009 edition, w/amendments
International Residential Code, 2009 edition, w/amendments
National Electrical Code, NFPA 70, 2011 edition, w/amendments
New - Effective January 1, 2010
Carbon Monoxide Detectors are required in Residential New
Construction as defined by RSA 153:10-a.
Lead Paint Requirements
Effective April 22, 2010 new federal regulations intended to protect children from lead poisoning go into effect.  The
regulations will require that projects that disturb lead paint in homes, day care centers, and schools built before 1978
to be completed by licensed remodelers certified through the EPA to perform such work. 
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