Zoning Board of Adjustment
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Questions should be directed to the Town Hall at (603) 742-5131.
The Zoning Board has meetings (as necessary) on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm at the Town Hall.

To have a hearing scheduled for any given month, applications must be received before the first of the month. The fee for a
hearing is $50.00, plus $5 per abutter and a public notice ($25.00)
The ZBA's rules of procedure are available here.

Land Use Regulations
Includes: Zoning Ordinances, Subdivision Regulations, Site Plan Review Regulations, Building Regulations, Scenic Roads
Designations, Tolend Landfill Overlay District, Schedule of Fees, Zoning Map-1963 as amended, Water Resources Map-June
14, 2005 as amended, Shoreland Protection Overlay District Map, Wet Areas Conservation Overlay District Map.

Special Exception Application
Variance Application

Special Exception Worksheet for Board use.
Variance Worksheet for Board use.
Zoning Board
Gary Cilley, Chair March 2019
Richard Erickson (alternate) March 2020
Sandra Heald, Vice Chair March 2020
Lorraine Morong (alternate) March 2019
Jack Myer (alternate) March 2019
William Taylor, Secretary March 2020
Janet Wall March 2021
Shanti Wolph March 2019