Madbury Historical Society
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The MADBURY HISTORICAL SOCIETY, incorporated under the laws of the State of New Hampshire, held its organizational
meeting on October. 17, 1978. The stated purpose of the Society is to encourage an interest in the history of Madbury,
including the collection, display, and care of articles of historic interest. This may include the ownership and/or lease of
property acquired by purchase or gift for the benefit of this and of future generations.
Membership is open to all persons interested in the purposes of the society and ensures notification of meetings by mail or
email reminders.

Tax-deductible contributions to assist in the collection, preservation display, and storage of Madbury history are always

$2.00 for adults
$0.50 for persons under 18 years

You may send your dues to the Madbury Historical Society, 13 Town Hall Road, Madbury, NH 03823. Please include your
name, address, telephone number, your email address if you have one, total dues paid, and any additional donation (tax

President - Kathy Frid
Vice President - Beth Carroll Goss
Treasurer - Bevie Ketel
Secretary - Marci Erickson
The Madbury Historical Society maintains a Facebook page
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A downloadable 2018 Program Schedule is available here.
A downloadable 2019 Program Schedule is available here.
A downloadable 2020 Program Schedule is available here.
Please note that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the
2020 program schedule.  The programs are likely to be
You can contact the Madbury Historical Society by email at:
Click here to download a scanned copy of the 1968 book:  Madbury  Its People and Places

The Madbury Historical Society has recently begun a project to inventory graveyards in Madbury. 
Click here to download the 2017 version of those efforts  (4mb pdf)