Public Notices for the Town of Madbury, NH.
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Regularly Scheduled Meetings

Board of Selectmen - Beginning in June of 2018 the Selectmen have changed their meeting schedule to meet on the first and third Monday evenings at 7pm, and on Friday mornings at 8:30am at Town Hall.               Posted 5/29/2018

   Conservation Commission
- First Thursday of the month.  Madbury Town Hall, 7:00pm
   Library Trustees  Third Thursday of the month at Madbury Public Library, 9:00am.
   Planning Board - First and Third Wednesday of the month.  Madbury Town Hall, 7:00pm
   Recreation Commission - Third Tuesday of the month.  Madbury Town Hall, 7:00pm
   Water Resources Board - Last Tuesday of the month.  Madbury Town Hall, 7:00pm
   Zoning Board of Adjustment - Third Tuesday of the month (as necessary).  Madbury Town Hall, 7:00pm

The Oyster River Local River Advisory Committee meets on the Fourth Thursday of the month, 5:30pm at the Madbury Town Hall.
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Notice of Trail Closures      Click here for the Notice of Trail Closures on the Hayes Farm Easement. 

The Winter Weather Road Maintenance Ordinance prohibits parking on roads during snow removal operations and the depositing of snow in roads.  Click here for the full ordinance.
Public Notice
Click here to download the 2019 Mosquito Control Notice.                                                                                     

Public Notice
The Madbury Planning Board will consider an application for a Lot Line Adjustment of 355 and 359 Route 108 (Tax Map 9: Lots 31A and 31B) under the Ordinances and Regulations of the Town of Madbury on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2017, at 7:00 pm,
Madbury Town Hall, 13 Town Hall Road, Madbury NH.
The Durham Evangelical Church, as represented by Michael J. Sievert of MJS Engineering, presents this application for Tax Map 9, Lots 31A and 31B located at 355 and 359 Route 108, Madbury NH.
The properties are owned by Durham Evangelical Church, 114 Dover Road, Durham NH 03824.
The applicant proposes an adjustment of the lot line running along the south side of lot 9:31B and adjoining lot 9:31A.  The adjustment would transfer approximately .15 acres from 9:31A to 9:31B in anticipation of possible future subdivision of 9:31A.
If the application is found complete and meets the standards of the regulations, it will be accepted for consideration and a public hearing on the matter will follow.
Documents relevant to this application can be viewed at the Town Hall or online at
                                                                                                                                                             Posted 9/18/2019