Wentworth Family Trust Gift to the Town of Madbury
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                                                                 Request for 2019 Grant Submissions
As many of you are aware when Carl Wentworth passed away in 2014 he left a generous Trust Fund titled the Wentworth
Family Trust which he and his wife Dorothy had established in 1993. It stipulated a Kingman grandfather clock to be
distributed to the Historical Society; provides directions concerning scholarship funding for the benefit of Madbury residents
with financial need intending to pursue post secondary education, with input from the Town's School Board Representative;
and the following clause:
1. First for the use of the Town of Madbury and or its inhabitants for charitable, educational and recreational
purposes to the benefit of the Town of Madbury and its inhabitants and for the acquisition, repair and or
replacement of maintenance, fire safety or other equipment necessary or desirable for the safe, efficient
operation of the Town of Madbury.
The trust document goes on to describe how the amount to be distributed each year will be determined by Charter Trust
Company of Concord, who is designated as the Trustee, based on the market value of the trust assets as of December 31st
of the preceding year. It directs the governing authority of the Town to provide a prioritized list each year to the Trustee of
the desired expenditures that the Town would like to have covered.
There does appear to be a requirement that there be a distribution made and spent each year. We continue to work with the
Trustee to develop the complete process and identify the timing of those disbursements.
Here is the opportunity to bring forth that worthy project that can not be covered in the budget. We are asking you to help
us out by providing a brief description, justification and cost estimate if you have projects/items that would seem to fit the
criteria above. Please provide those in writing on this form.   Requests should be submitted by December 15, 2018. 
Please keep in mind that these funds must be spent by December 31, 2019 on the purpose approved. 
Wentworth Family Trust Disbursements for the 2018
$14,000 Breathing Apparatus Equipment
This funding it to purchase two additional airpacks and related monitoring equipment for the Fire Department. Additional funds from the Fire Department Budget will be used if needed.
$5,000 Reenactment and Encampment
As the Town of Madbury celebrates it's 250th anniversary an educational colonial militia battle reenactment demonstration day including crafts and music is being planned in October.
$900 Table for the Library Adult Study Room
The Trustees of the Madbury Public Library requested funding for a new table for the Adult Study Room to better utilize the space and replace the old table repurposed in that room.
$394 Historical Society transfer of film to digital
The Madbury Historical Society would like to transfer more aged film housed in the archives to a digital format in order to preserve them (some treasures were found last year).
$5,706+ Refurbishment of the Historic Town Hall Front Entrance
The door and vestibule at the front of the original 1861 Meeting Hall needs to be replaced, weatherized and brought up to safety code. The plan is to upgrade while preserving the original old custom feel of the entry.
You can watch a video of Carl Wentworth talking about the Kingman Farm here.  (53 minutes, YouTube)
The 1988 Madbury Town Report was dedicated to Carl and Dorothy Wentworth. 
You can download the dedication page here.
Dorothy and Carl Wentworth Scholarship

Dorothy and Carl Wentworth were long-time residents of Madbury, NH. They owned and operated Kingman Farm until 1961.
Dorothy and Carl were deeply committed to the Madbury community. They established the scholarship to offer financial
support to Madbury students who intend to pursue post-secondary education.
The Dorothy and Carl Wentworth Scholarship will be awarded annually to graduating high school students. Eligible students
must be:
    A resident of Madbury, NH
    A high school senior
    Able to demonstrate financial need
    Planning to attend an accredited college, university or technical school
Payment will be made directly to the institution where the scholarship winner is enrolled.
Applicants for the yearly scholarships should see the Oyster River High School, Local Scholarship Application at the
Counseling Office.  Deadline is generally late May, or very early April.